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Priest Lake Engagement Session | Washington & Idaho Photographer

This was my very first session after quarantine and to say I was very excited is an extreme understatement! I think I told Mayson and Braden it felt like Christmas morning a thousand times, and if I'm being honest it really did! Not being able to work and photograph couples during those few spring months really made me miss my creative outlet. I'm a huge people person and part of the reason I love being a wedding and portrait photographer is how I get to connect with my clients and find inspiration in them and their story within our sessions. Needless to say, I felt so alive getting back behind my camera and feeding off the fun energy these two brought to our session! We were lucky enough to sneak off to Priest Lake, Idaho and if you've been there you know it's a real gem of a place! We adventured around where Mayson's family cabin is located and she found us the perfect locations to capture their story! Scroll on through friends for some dreamy. golden summer fun and I'm sure you'll be making a trip to Priest Lake in no time ;)

Washington & Idaho Wedding Photographer



Washington & Idaho Wedding Photographer

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