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hello future friend,

let's get to know each other.


As a kid it never dawned on me that my obsession with polaroid film, disposable cameras and old family photographs would lead me to being a full time wedding photographer, but here we are and boy do I feel lucky. 


After my dad handed me a Pentax 35mm film camera when I was 13, it pretty much sealed the deal. My obsession with art and photography led me to receiving a BFA in Photography and Art History degree from EWU. And here I am, almost 10 years later, loving every minute I have my camera in my hand.


So who the heck am I? I'm the kid who sat next to you in your high school art class that was WAY too excited for our next project. I'm that friend who loves to laugh till they cry over a silly Parks and Rec meme. I love meeting new people and will totally hug you the first time I meet you and I'll be the old lady who is pretty darn proud of every wrinkle that came her way from smiling way too much. 

Your stories of life + love, they are all more beautiful than you know + that's where I step in.

 My name is Jennifer  + one thing that rings loud and true for me is, I want to be part of YOUR story. Aside from delivering you amazingly, beautiful images, I want to give you an experience that you’ll remember long after your time with me ends. I want to hear every detail of the story you’ve brought me + become part of it with you. I want there to be trust, freedom, comfort + a whole lot of fun (duh!) between us as I dive into some the most special moments of your lives. I know, I might be thinking, "here's another photographer telling me that they want to capture my story..." And heck yeah I do! But there is so much more to it than that. These stories of your life are something extra magical + hiring a photographer to document all that love, joy, magic, happiness, well it's a lot to think about.

So real talk, if you’re looking for a photographer to simply be hired help, I’m not your girl. My secret sauce is +  always will be, that I am fully invested in the stories that are brought to me + it’s my hope and wish that you come to me as a client + leave as a friend.  

Now, what are you waiting for? Let's capture moments of your love story that will last a lifetime. Let's allow the beauty of your everyday to unfold before us. Let's preserve a piece of your life as it is today. Bring me your story, whatever it looks like - here we believe love is love! - and let's make some magic! 

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