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I believe photography is artful storytelling

Let's face it, life moves fast. How many times do you wish you had a pause button? Luckily, that's where I believe photography steps in. 

When you hire a photographer, you are doing more than simply choosing someone with a nice camera, you are picking a storyteller. You are bringing them the story of your life and asking them to tell it. Your photographs become your family's heirlooms, a visual diary of your life at this very moment. They will show your family, your friends and all the generations to follow you, the moments and memories that make up your life. 

My wish for you with your session + beautiful photographs, is a gift that will pause time and ultimately become a return ticket to relive the story of your life. 


While our starting prices are listed below, keep in mind all sessions are not made the same. Please get in touch to discuss your unique session + experience! Customization always available. 

Lifestyle Sessions | start at $500

Elopement Packages | start at $2500

Wedding Packages | start at $4750


 I truly love getting to know my couples! Not only does the engagement session provide you two with fun + intimate portraits of yourselves, but it also allows us to have a chance to spend time together, have fun and get those camera jitters out of the way. Ultimately, when I show up on your wedding day I want to feel like a friend and not just a vendor and I wholeheartedly believe an engagement session together can create that experience.


book a wedding + get a free engagement shoot!

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