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3 Reasons Branding Sessions are KEY for your Business

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The never ending "to do" list as an entrepreneur or small business feels, well just like that, never ending... There are always going to be a million and one things you should be doing, believe me I know this story all too well. But I am going to let you in on a little secret friends, the SINGLE easiest thing you can do for yourself (and invest in your business) is having killer content ready and on hand for your digital presence as a business. With a curated, unique to you branding or headshot session, you can be ready to showcase your ideas, products, mission with eye catching portraits that bring your company to life!

What if I told you, you could harness your virtual presence and get more business with one simple branding session! Interested yet? Keep reading for the 3 reasons your business will thank you for investing in a branding session!


1) Branding sessions showcase the human behind the business, YOU! By showing up in photos you can create a personal connection with your followers, fans and future clients on social media platforms. Let's face it, we spend a lot more time on our phones and social media platforms these days, so having a face to go with a name can go along way with brand association and invite your followers to interact with you as a human being just like them, rather than just a business name.


2) All photos from your session are unique to YOUR brand and business. No need to rely on stock images to showcase a concept or product, instead you'll have curated images that tell the exact story or relay the exact idea and message you are wanting to share with your followers and future clients.


3) Branding sessions give your voice a visual presence! We all know you've got important and wise things to share as a business owner and entrepreneur, so having content that encompasses your personality and style within catching images will help individuals SLOW THEIR SCROLL and hang out to read your captions, interact with your stories and ultimately keep them interested in what you have to say. Keep them coming back for more by sharing your voice, mission and personal tidbits that make your business the amazing, unique business that it is!


Well, are you convinced yet? And BONUS, branding sessions are always a blast! ;) While that "to do" list might always feel a mile long, I hope this blog helped you know there is at least ONE thing that can help you start to level up your business in no time at all! Keep crushing it entrepreneur and small biz friends, I see you making those dreams come true!

Spokane Branding Photographer

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