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The Main Reason I Include Engagement Sessions

One of the most fun things about being a wedding photographer is that you get the privilege of meeting couples from all over! Thanks to FaceTime, I get the chance to "meet" my sweet clients who are not in Spokane + start forming a relationship long before we ever see each other in person.

Getting to know my clients is super important to me! That's one of the main reasons I always schedule an in person or FaceTime meeting with inquiring clients and the MAIN reason all my wedding packages include an engagement session! Not only does the engagement session provide you two with fun + intimate portraits of yourselves, but it also allows us to have a chance to spend time together, have fun and get those camera jitters out of the way. Ultimately, when I show up on your wedding day I want to feel like a friend and not just a vendor and I wholeheartedly believe an engagement session together can create that experience.

Meleah + Mack flew into Spokane for their woodsy, fun filled engagement session + I totally fell in love with them even more! We had chatted over Skype + emailing and I already loved the unique details of their love story, but getting the chance to see them interact, laugh + be silly with each other gave me such a larger sense of who they are + how sweet their connection truly is! Scroll on through + I am sure you will fall in love with them too! Already counting down the days till their big day this September :)


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