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Candace + Corbin | Greenbluff Engagement

An engagement shoot that includes the sweetest couple, the cutest pups and the dreamiest golden hour... yeah, you bet I was over the moon excited about this session!

Candace + Corbin (plus Henri + Scotch) were total troopers and adventured with me to the perfect location tucked away in Greenbluff I had scouted earlier that week. After a very bumpy, long dirt road (troopers, I told you!) we were ready to wander into the golden wheat fields, pups in tow! The light was not only perfection, but these 4 keep me smiling + laughing the whole time. And we all agreed everyone's modeling career had been officially kicked off. I mean just look at them, model status all around :)

If you’re ever wondering about how you can make your photo session experience personal + memorable, feel free to always bring along anything that is special to you. I always want my clients to feel that their session is 100% them! So, if that means bringing your four legged friend along, PLEASE do! Honestly I am solely here to document your story, your life as it is today. So whatever you want in your photos, just know I'll always do my best to make it happen!

All Images © Jennifer DeBarros Photography



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