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Holly + Rob | Fall Engagement

Holly + Rob are the kind of couple that make you smile from ear to ear simply by being around them. Their infectious laughter between each other kept me giggling right along with them during their engagement session! Believe it or not, these two kept telling me before their session how awkward in front of a camera they were. I laughed because after hanging around them for a minute, I already knew we were going to have fun. Lo and behold, these two just knocked it out of the park! I am pretty sure they were just bluffing about being camera shy and secretly model on the side... just scroll through and I am sure you'll agree with me!


Rob actually proposed to Holly on the 18th Hole so we had to snap some photos here to commemorate it!

HOORAY! Already counting down the days till these lovebirds say "I do!" Can't wait!

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